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My Services

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - is a short-term form of treatment that helps individuals
determine how their thoughts and feelings affect their mood and behaviors. CBT helps the individual focus on their perception of the event as opposed to the event. This focus helps to determine how they will feel and act in response to that event. If you would like a consultation or would like an appointment, please contact me today.


Individual Therapy-is proven to be effective for clients because it is tailored to fit the client’s need. No person is alike and individual therapy works at the client’s pace, allowing them to process feelings on a one-to-one basis. If you are looking for a session tailored to your individual needs, please reach out to me for your first appointment.

Grief & Loss Therapy – Grief can be very complicated, and each person grieves differently. Whatever your symptoms, bereavement counseling can help. Please contact me today for a consultation.

Life Transitions – Change can be difficult and can come very fast. Life changes gives us a chance to become stronger, boost self-esteem and become more prepared for the future. If you need encouragement or need assistance with how to navigate, you don’t have to go through it along, please contact me today.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy – is designed to assist individuals with continued bouts of depression and anxiety. This treatment provides techniques to assist with refocusing depressive or anxious thoughts. If you are experiencing these systems, please contact me to develop techniques improve intrusive thoughts.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD occurs when an individual has experienced or witness traumatic events that cause increased anxiety and recurring thoughts of the encounter. If you have experienced or witness a traumatic event, therapy can help to manage symptoms associated with PTSD. Please contact me for a consultation.

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